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Weymouth Harbour

The historic Waterfront Weymouth still shows the signs of its long maritime history. In 1865 the Harbour Tramway was opened, running trains between the harbour and the railway station to transport the produce imported from the Channel Islands. The tracks that remain continued to be used regularly until the 1980s when passenger trains carried people to the waiting ferries. These days the tracks are only used to run the occasional 'special' trains.

Many seafaring tales have been handed down through the years, probably enhanced with each telling! However, one story that is based more on fact than fiction is that the Black Death, which spread through the country with such devastating consequences in 1348, came into England via Melcombe Regis, carried by a European sailor.

Throughout the day there is always something happening on the harbourside and the fascinating scene is complemented by the regular lifting of the road bridge, which is raised to allow tall-masted boats to enter and exit the inner harbour.


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